Part 3 National Parks- New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Part 3 of our visit to Canada’s National Parks brings us to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia National Parks and Historic Sites. Looking forward to PEI and Newfoundland next spring. Again, personal memories so it’s not always entirely accurate. For example, Hopewell Rocks and the giant Lobster are not actually a part of Fundy National Park as my kids put 🙂

Catch our first stops at National Parks in Part 1- BC/Alberta and Part 2- Saskatchewan to Quebec

Kouchibouguac National Park

Kari- I mean, come on, the name alone deserves a visit. My most vivid memory is standing barefoot on the spit of stunning soft sand as the waves lapse, kids giggle, grasses blow and the almost watercolour blend of oranges and yellows backdrop it all. One of those completely mindful moments of presence and gratitude.

Bal-Beautiful long sand beach and playing in the water. First real time setting foot in the Atlantic. More fall lushness.

Kaya- AWESOME NAME. Amazing boardwalk to AWESOME SHELLY beach, sea snail


Fundy National Park

Kari- After leaving low tide at Hopewell Rocks, I’m driving the 40+km to Fundy National Park when my gas light comes on. I spend the entire drive anxious and panicky about where the next gas station will be. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Alma just before the park. I pull in on fumes, fill’er up, buy chocolate, popcorn and wine from an incredibly happy gas station attendant and we go for a jaunt in the park where I can finally breathe easy and enjoy those awesome views.

Bal- Missed out.

Kaya- Beach with a creek. Free hamburgers at our hotel. Hopewell Rocks and Lobsty!


Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Kari- Oh this one was literally a dream come true for me! For a very brief time, 16 years ago, I was a tour guide for seniors bus tours. Lots of viewpoint stops for the photo and move on. At one stop I remember staring up at hikers on the Skyline Trail longing to join them. Never dreamed it would be with my 11 and 8 year old but sometimes real life surpasses what you can even imagine. I will need to write a full post for this one…

Bal- Homer. Oh those colours, stunning beauty, Maggie. Everyone needs a Maggie visit.

Kaya- Homer. Awesome-white-sand-beach-with-a-waterfall-with-red-chairs-at-the-top-of-it (WHEW, that’s wordy!)


Alexander Graham Bell Museum-

Kari- Arrived to an Immigration Ceremony inside that had me in tears. Beautiful. As was the museum with the triangles and plane and hydrofoil. Loved it.

Bal- Didn’t go.



Halifax Citadel

Kari- Great homeschooling outing. Loud! Cold Remembrance Day.

Bal-Imagining what it could have been like during the war. Learning cannons likely couldn’t hit the water and were for show and deception.

Kaya- 21 booms on Remembrance day, marching people, cannons.


Kejimkujik National Park

Kari- Wigwam, crunchy leaves, forest zen. Definitely would have loved a paddle here.

Bal- Better summer time visit. Want to paddle board or canoe here.

Kaya- Beach, teepee, big sticks, 2 fun parks


Grand Pré National Historic Site

Kari- Huge willow, maple and oak trees that the girls climbed. The ‘whooshing’ of an enormous eagle leaving the tree above us. Freaky winter wrapped statue bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow leaving me certain the Tardis was going to land any moment for the start of a grand adventure.

Bal- Beautiful massive trees that line the site. The eagles coming to the area remind me of Squamish. Frozen waterfall visit.

Kaya- Climbing a giganto tree, watching Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix on the way there, some ice, funny statues.



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