Part 2 National Parks- Saskatchewan to Quebec

What do we remember most from each National Park? Currently in Halifax for a couple months and I’m curious what my family’s responses will be. I give them sheets of all the National Parks we’ve visited and await their replies. See Part 1, National Parks BC and Alberta edition and Part 3 The Maritimes edition.

Besides a few days in Quebec City 15 years ago, we have not seen Saskatchewan to Quebec before. Most people auto-respond with a stock ‘oh the prairies drive will be soooo long and boring’ retort. Happy to report that the drive was, in fact, sooooo long and captivating. Seriously I wanted to stop ALL. THE. TIME. The fields, the light, the farm life, the weather! Breathtaking and free.

Grasslands National Park

Look carefully to see the coyote strolling by and prairie dogs all over the place.

Kari- So smitten with this park. From the vast open wilds to unfurl your thoughts and dreams to the subtle softness of a field of grass as the sun drops low. From Bal sending a Bison charging straight for me to the far away views of antelope and burrowing owls. Prairie dog peek-a-boos, dancing & laughing in rolling thunder and pink and orange lightning blasts, all of us spotting falling stars & marvelling at the milky way to dozy wake-ups for Northern Lights that weren’t wow enough to keep me awake. So many memories!

Bal- the abudance of wildlife- bison, prairie dogs, deer. The stars, the milky way, prairie storms.

Kaya- BISON and BABY’S!! Amazing Awesome Cool Lightning Storm!! Funny faces with Brennyn, Ben and Max who were coming back from travelling across Canada. PRAIRIE DOGS.


Boom Boom is her Bison keychain stuffy 🙂 

The Forks National Historic Site

Again, personal reflections so please note that the Assiniboine Zoo, Human Rights Museum, Chapters and hotel waterslides are NOT actually a part of this National Historic Site 😛

Kari- another surprise as nobody had much to offer about Winnipeg or Manitoba. Since we extended our stay in Grasslands, unfortunately we had to pass by Riding Mountain National Park. I don’t regret staying in Grasslands but I regret missing this park. Akkkk, so much to do, so little time (even in a year!) Anyways, the Forks and Winnipeg in general far exceeded my expectations. Hoping to get back on our return journey for more exploring. Don’t miss the Human Rights Museum when visiting the Forks. Amazing!

Bal- Polar Bears at the Zoo even though they are rescued, it was amazing to see.

Kaya- ZOO, Polar Bear and 2 babys, wolf who came to the window, CHAPTERS, Waterslide & waterpark in our hotel.

Brennyn- my polar bear stuffy keychain is ZooZoo

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

Not sure you can actually count that we’ve been here. We drove along it and camped at Pancake Bay but I’m including it since we had no idea this area was so stunning!

Kari- Foggy but finally cleared for us to take in the views. Ojibwe pictographs was an awesome place to visit on a long driving day. No idea there was such soft, sandy beaches along the Great Lakes. Long to return with a kayak and a week for exploring. Finally after crossing the whole country of fire bans, getting to have a fire!!

Bal- the lakes looks like oceans. Drive felt a bit like home.

Kaya- Going to the top of a lighthouse and waving way down to Mommy and Daddy. Pancake love! Me and Bee were chasing our sticks into the lake in our fluffy PJs and our PJs were soaking (it was around 7:30 in the morning!!)

Brennyn- I got soaked in my PJs.

Rideau Canal

Ok granted, it does not look scary at all but just look at my face and Kaya laughing at my face!

Kari- Pretty sure my family is all about to make fun of me here… Walking across the locks for some reason freaked me the hell out! There was no safety anything and my brain just played a revolving scene of one of us falling into those locks and then what?!! Hated it. Was intrigued by the actual manual process of boats coming through and had fun teaching the history of the canal afterwords.

Bal- Laughing at Kari going across the locks. Would like to go back to skate.

Kaya- Mommy being scared of going across the bridge, watching the boats go through, disgusting water.

Brennyn- picture is of the boat going through the locks. My sweet girl didn’t even mention her cackling laughter at her mamma freaking out going across.

Saguenay- St. Lawrence National Marine Conservation Area

Kari- BABY BELUGAS!! Minkes, grey seals, sand dune. Would love more time here.

Bal- BABY BELUGAS IN THE DEEP BLUE RIVER. The drive was our first time seeing the real colours of fall.

Kaya- Amazing, Awesome because we went whale watching and saw hundreds of belugas, lots of grey “PIG” seals and pilot whales and 2 baby belugas!!!!!!!!!


Minka is her Minke whale keychain stuffy and Beena is her Beluga whale keychain stuffy.


Forillon National Park

Honestly, this one could be a post of its own. Gaspé was our happy place 🙂

Kari- Birthday girl choosing to run outside for sunrise then go on a hike up to the incredible viewpoint. Moose Butt! Waterfall feet soak. THE COLOURS. Oh those brilliant reds, oranges and yellows along imposing cliffs that finish in the softest of sandy beaches. Bliss. Loved our cabin, the fire pit, the trampoline and access to the beach all surrounded with the colours. Did I mention the colours?

Bal- Waking up to go for sunrise hike and having Kaya joining along. Our beautiful seaside home near the beach.

Kaya- MOOSE!!! Walking up to observation tower (twice)! Lighthouse (tallest in Canada), PORCUPINE, CABEENY & TRAMPOLINEY (Blue), Beach, Maleficent stick thingermabob.

Brennyn- Pictures of our cabin, the trampoline and the amazing sandy beach with fall colours

What a trip so far! See Part 1 BC & Alberta and Part 3 The Maritimes for more National Park goodness.

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Looks awesome! I want to see Baby Beluga 🙂


Was pretty amazing to see in the wild. Highly recommend Tadoussac for whale watching and more!


So fun!

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